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Alarm Industry News from MKS

The newest technology updates, industry developments and company successes are available through our Alarm Industry News. This news source allows your company to stay up to date with the vital information that helps you succeed.

MKS: A Look Back at 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your continued loyalty and commitment to MKS I am still astonished that 2013 is drawing to an end and with the New Year approaching we are afforded the opportunity to look back at our accomplishments over that past year.

As I sit in my office to draft a summary of MKS’s accomplishments to share, I find it challenging to choose and narrow down the list. We have achieved and done so much this past calendar year, it’s no wonder why 2013 seemed to fly by!

It’s amazing what our company, my team, your partners for success have accomplished this year! I am proud, pleased and honored to share a summary of what I feel are some of our highlights:

Introduction of Neo:

In early 2013, we released our latest Millennium series,Version 34. This release took a different approach by introducing a unique version branding, Neo. All future version releases will now be branded with powerful, confident and reliable movie characters theme. Version 34 Neo included over 400 enhancements and updates.

Accounting and Service News Features and Benefits

  • Implemented a web portal for My View & PayPoint to give your customers the “self-service” experience to view their account information, request a service call, and pay their bills on their schedule
  • ExecKey, the only application in the industry for busy executives and owners to access a dashboard view of their company’s financials anytime/anywhere from their mobile devices.
  • Enhanced batch credit card and electronic funds transfer processing to get money owed to you quicker with fewer delays 
  • Smart Scheduling™, the industries only Service Tracking scheduler integrated with Google Maps, Fleet Tracking and also the industries only true web deployed ticket less service program for technicians. OurSmart Scheduling eliminates drivers from servicing the same area, creates service efficiency, more service calls per day, eliminates paper, and also the data entry associated with completing service tickets
  • Enhanced General Ledger Report & Transaction Screen for increased drill down capabilities on your financial data and reporting

Central Station New Features and Benefits:

  • Action Plans Automated with ASP to free the operators up to take high priority signals -  Using these action plans can lessen the load that operators have in processing these type of signal manually. Without having to dedicate time to these signals they can better service the higher priority signals that come in.
  • Action Plans implemented at the Subscriber Level which can be applied to the subscriber for specific condition codes so that the AP will not have to be assigned to each signal ID/Zone. This will save a lot of data entry
  • Mobile GPS location and Alarm Dispatching- MKS partnered with Critical Signal Technologies to integrate GPS tracking and dispatching with Mobile PERS devices revolutionizing the lives of active people who need life alert monitoring
  • DMP Panel Options –  saves our customers a lot of data entry because they do not have to build these lists; they are populated as the information is received
  • Enhanced Video Monitoring and Video Verification processing and an integration with IView Now 
  • SPA &COMM modules deployed as Service – Implementation of distributed computing within our core receivers and communication back bone

The Expansion of Implementation and Technical Services:

  • Extended Technical Support Hours to accommodate our Mountain and West Coast Customers to 7:00 PM Eastern. 
  • Enhanced NiteLine services to include after hours support to our WebTech customers, so there will never be a work stoppage issue with your service department.
  • Addition of premium support packages including dedicated support personnel, on-site support,NiteLine support, custom reports and more
  • Expanded Contract Services, with our technical experts on our solutions and your IT department, create a true dream team when you need support on enhancing your IT infrastructure. 
  • Creating and offering Tune-Up Services, one of our most popular on-site services. Work with our Implementation Specialist Amy, to truly discover where you are lacking efficiency in your company’s work flow and how to maximize your MKS investment by each department. This service will and has transformed company’s operations. 
  • Revamped& Expanded In-house training classes at our Kissimmee headquarters. Our product is so feature rich and robust, two days to cover all the material just wasn't enough! We expanded the course curriculum over three days and revamped the syllabus and lab activities to ensure we are utilizing the latest teaching technologies and techniques.
  • Expanding MKS University (MKU), our on-line university, this semester, with Level 1,Level, 2 & Level 3 classes and an optional, MKS Certificated User program for both our Central Station and Millennium Management tracks. We have enhanced our university offerings by investing in a true, LMS software(Learning Management software), used by major universities to track classes,student profiles, grades, quizzes etc. 
  • Enhanced our Disaster Recover Center – Keep your IP Partnership and added DMP Virtual Receiver line cards

Our goal has always been to provide the best possible product and service for our customers. We want to continue to lead the industry in technology, efficiency and growth so that we can remain your trusted partner to help run your business. My role as the leader of this company is to ensure that our entire team is continuing to push ourselves each day to meet and exceed these expectations.

 Our Team Continues to Grow:

In 2013, we were fortunate enough to continue expanding our MKS team across our programming, implementation, support, and sales/marketing departments. Amy Spurgeon and Stephen Kovacsiss are two industry veterans who joined us this year. Amy joined us with over 11 years of industry experience and has further enhanced our on-site training and implementation services to help our customers get the most out of their investment. Stephen joins MKS with over 23 years’ experience including 13 at his last position with Bosch Security Systems. Stephen’s vast experience with receiver technology and central station operations, we are thrilled to have Stephen on board to manage, grow and represent our Millennium Central Station software.

Ernesto Rodriquez joined the programming team, bringing 18 years of financial software development experience.  He has made tremendous impact on the efficiency and quality of the development efforts on our Millennium Management Product Line. Zack Ehrler has expanded our technical support services team with a new tier, Implementation Services. This Tier focuses on new installations and upgrades, freeing our technical support staff to focus on answer questions and working on issues. Courtney Wagner is a National Honors Society member of UIC with a marketing and management major and has joined the marketing and sales department and brings with her a fresh perspective on marketing, sales and social media impact.

MKS veteran, 
David Peralta not only celebrated 17 years with the company in 2013, but he also was promoted to Technical Support Floor Supervisor. Under David’s training, leadership and guidance, he has grown the MKS Technical Support team into true experts in our software. He assists with troubleshooting on the floor daily helping keep our technical support team meet and exceed our Service Level Agreements to our customers for initial contact,work stoppage problem resolution and issue management. 

MK Summer Internship Program – MKS has partnered with Teco,a technical school in Kissimmee, to assist our technical support team in getting all our customers upgraded to the latest Sybase version, 12, to ensure our customers get the maximum performance on their database. This was an initiative that ran from June to August. It was a win-win for MKS, Teco and the students who joined us for the summer. While helping our customers, we were able to give these bright students valuable, real world experience and help them fine tune their goals as they continue to advance with their education.

Where we were in 2013

Personally, I really look forward to attending the numerous industry events throughout the year. Not only is it a chance to stay abreast of the latest technology and trends within the industry, but it is always great to catch up with our customers. This year, MKS attended ESA Orlando, ISCWest and EAST, ESX, California Alarm Association Meeting, Texas Alarm Association Convention, CSAA Annual Meeting in Quebec, ASIS, CSAA Operations Meeting and Honeywell Connect 2013.

A great highlight for me and the company was our 2013 Users Conference. It was held at the beautiful Gaylord Palm Hotel and saw our highest attendance record and received some great feedback for the attendees. I am really looking forward to our 2014 UC which will be in Daytona Beach, FL in March.

Looking Forward-BIG Plans for 2014

  • We will be debuting our newest version and new interface at our 2014 Users Conference in Daytona
  • Revamped format for our Users Conference 2014 to be work flow centric, enabling you to maximize your product knowledge and immediately implement that knowledge and new features. We also are grateful to have some industry experts and key note speakers to truly enhance the UC experience. 
  • Launching the Industries, ONLY, App based Service Tech program, TechPro  ™– which will enable technicians to not only get their tickets in the field, but they can add zones,accept and processes credit card payments
  • We have started our initial planning our developmental road map for 2015 and analyzing the newest technologies and partners in the industry.
  • And finally, we are planning and preparing for our yearlong celebration in 2015 to commemorate our 30 Year Anniversary as a company and in our Industry. Those plans include our biggest Users Conferences yet! Stay Tuned as more details unfold, it’s very exciting stuff!

On Christmas, I received a text message from one of my Tech Support Representatives. He wanted to wish me and my family a Merry Christmas and to thank me for the opportunity at MKS and a promise that he would make me proud and be the best Tech Support Rep MKS had ever seen. 

That text message was meaningful to me on many levels. I was privileged to think that our company, my leadership and vision inspired such loyalty, dedication and commitment in an individual. It is with great responsibility, honor and respect that I hold for my fellow team members, in all levels of our organization. And having that expressed gratitude meant the world to me.

Coincidentally, the words in that text message symbolize and sum up my promise to you, our valuable customers and partners. When you say “yes”to MKS as your Accounting, Service or Central Station Automation Solution, you will get the most LOYAL and DEDICATED team, COMMITTED to being the MOST important partner to your business and a PROMISE that our solution will be the BEST software in the security alarm industry, and the MOST important tool to helping run your business.

Thank you once again for your continued business and I wish you a wonderful New Year filled with abundance, joy and treasured moments. Here is to 2014 being your best year yet!


Victoria Ferro

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