True Recurring Revenue

True Recurring Revenue for Alarm Dealers

How Does Millennium Management Increase Efficiency and Profits? 

Eliminate unnecessary cost and hassle with Millennium Management’s solutions. With our all-in-one software, you no longer need to endure the cost and complication of multiple software platforms. Our all-in-one software eliminates redundant tasks that cost you valuable time and labor. When you choose Micro Key Solutions’ systems, you choose efficient and transparent security system business strategies that translate to greater profits and improved customer service for you. 

How Does Our System Beat the Competition?

With single point entry, our software allows for seamless integration and improved usability, saving you both time and money.

With single point entry, you can do the following:

  • Manage multiple platforms and functions from one location
  • Stop running multiple programs at once and using third party add-ons to execute one function
  • End the duplication of steps and re-entering of information through other programs and platforms

Millennium Managements’ self-maintaining databases also mean you spend less time struggling with your software and more time serving your customers. That level of automation also means human error is removed from the picture. Without these mistakes, none of your data falls through the cracks, and you get the most consistent service without being interrupted by costly service issues like lost tickets or missing customer service history.

Business Strategies for Security Systems Companies

Don’t settle for software that holds your security system company back. Choose the solutions that are designed specifically for the security system industry and actually support your business’s growth. You can’t buy a better product with more features that makes managing your business easier and more profitable. 

Request a demo to boost your profits with the most efficient software solutions available. You’ll speak to one of our Business Development Representatives and find out how to put Millennium Management’s True Recurring Revenue to work for you.

“I love this program.  When you can learn to use it and it only takes a day, it has to be good.  Thought was put into the design to help the end user work with this program with ease.”

Greg W, CheckMate Electronics

“They listen to our needs for enhancements and answer with a 'consider it done' attitude.  I always feel that we're one team with a common purpose, keeping our customers safe.”

Wanda V, The Protection Bureau

“"I learned so many things that we are not doing/using and it made me realize just how much more we could benefit from the software."  (Micro Key Users Conference)”

Pat N., Alert Alarm Systems

“Keep up the very excellent service. You all are doing the service end spot on”

Richard H., Bonds Alarm Security

“[ In-House Training ]  - I feel I am taking a lot of extremely useful information back to the company with me to share.  This class was fun, relaxed and the lunches were wonderful everyday.  I very much enjoyed myself while attending.”

Loey K., Mansfield Alarm Co.

“"Micro Key has the best customer support I have ever experienced! A big thanks to the entire staff for their dedication and time."”

Darla R., AFS, Inc

“I have dealt with many of your techs and feel they are all knowledgeable and work well with each other to verify questionable issues”

Sean B., CMS Monitoring

“[ In House Training ] - The training was informative and hands on and leaves me ready to tackle preparing our company to use the software to the benefit of our operators.  Thank you Micro Key!”

Jennifer S., Securitec One, Inc.

“Amy helped us with shortcuts that are going to make a BIG difference for us and she was also able to help us with some efficiency obstacles as well as making sure that we had tickets for all the items we still have pending for help [Micro Key Tune Up Training Services]”

Linda G., Creative Security

“Micro Key enhances a company’s accounting function by quickly and accurately computing RMR and unearned revenue.”

Mitch R, S.I.C. Consulting, Inc